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72" Non-Recirculating Type-1 Hood, 4-stage air filtration system w/electrostatic collection and odor control.

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The innovative design of the Giles Environmental Hood cleans kitchen exhaust air before discharging it into the outside environment.  Not only is the community's air quality improved, but the roof and exterior building surfaces will remain cleaner as well.

This unit is a unique Type-1, stainless steel hood that features Giles' proven Electrostatic Air Cleaning technology, capable of meeting grease-laden vapor removal requirements for a variety of foodservice equipment and applications, including gas appliances.

The EH-6 Hood comes with piping, plenum discharge nozzles, fusible link brackets and cable conduit factory installed in the hood; piping and conduit are stubbed out and ready for connection to a fire suppression system.  Final installation, charging and testing of the system must be performed by an authorized fire protection agent.  Purchase of the external system components and cost of intallation and testing is not included with hood purchase and is the responsibility of the purchaser. 

The EH-5 Hood must be connected to an external exhaust fan and ductwork system that discharges to the outside atmosphere.  It is recommended that a ventilation professional be consulted to specify proper fan and duct.  This is not included with hood purchase.

EH-6, 208-240/60/1
208-240 Volt, 60 Hz, 1-phase
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EH Series 1/1/2012 12/31/2099 Download
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EH Hood Operation Manual 1/1/2012 12/30/2099 Download